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Green List.

1.  What is it?

The Green List is a list of persons or businesses who are waiting for passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (amnesty, legalization, the Dream Act, Ag Jobs, or Reunification of Families Act), which would allow them to apply for a work permit, work visa, or temporary status in the United States.

2.  Is it confidential?

Yes.  We do not share the information on the Green List with any governmental agency, such as the Department of Homeland Security, (immigration).

3.  How do I prepare?

You can prepare for the legalization (amnesty) part by organizing your records to show that you have been in the U.S.  For example, you can separate your records by year.  If you have any criminal record or arrest, you will need a certified copy from the Court.  Also, school records, medical records, and utility payments are good evidence.  You should not leave the U.S. or you will be excluded.  Once the law goes into effect, I will inform you as to requirements, eligibility, filing fees, etc.

4.  Free registration.

We do not charge any fee to register on the Green List.  Until Comprehensive Immigration Reform is passed and signed by the president, you should not pay any fees to anyone to file for you.  Sign up below. 


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